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bullet Answer : This occasionally occurs in the winter when tap water tastes "not so fresh." Organic materials from lakes and rivers are making the water smell and taste musty. The compounds, geosmin and 2-methylisoborneol (MIB), aren't easily removed during the purification process. The water is safe to drink even if the water doesn't taste the way it usually does. The unappealing taste is more common in the summer, when heat increases algal bloom in Salem Lake, which along with the Yadkin River, supply our raw water. When the compounds from the algae affect the taste, engineers reduce the amount of water coming from Salem Lake into the treatment plants, and increase the amount of river water. Powdered activated carbon (similar to what is in home water filtration devices) is also being used as needed and in addition to chlorine to treat the water.
bullet Answer : Water meters are generally located in the front yard of the residence and placed to be accessible, when necessary, by Utilities Division employees.

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